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User role permissions

User role permissions control what users assigned to a user role can see and do in your organization. See the list of permissions, below, to learn how each permission affects users.

  • Add saved queries: Saves a queries to organization's Saved Queries folder.
  • List saved queries: See all the queries saved by the members of the organization.
  • View saved queries: See the query detail of a saved query.
  • Search saved queries: Search in saved queries.
  • Delete a saved query: Delete a query which is saved by user or another team member.
  • List teams: See all the teams in an organization.
  • Create teams: Create a new team in the organization.
  • Update teams: Update team fields.
  • Delete teams: Delete an existing team.
  • Delete user in teams: Delete a user in a team.
  • Add connections: Add a new connection that shared in an organization.
  • Update connections: Update a created connection.
  • Delete connections: Delete a connection.
  • Add snippets: Create a new snippet.
  • Update snippets: Update existing snippets.
  • Delete snippets: Delete snippets created by other users.
  • List snippets: List snippets created by other users.
  • Amazon Redshift Administration: Edit users, groups and server configurations in Redshift Administration.
  • LOAD / UNLOAD: Perform Load and Unload commands.

See Creating and managing user roles in DataRow.