Share a query result via hyperlink

This page describes how to share query results on DataRow. DataRow allows you to share the set of data returned after you execute a query via hyperlink.

You can share this data with somebody regardless of whether the person uses DataRow or not. The user to whom you’re sharing simply navigates to the URL you provide to see the data.

Note: Results Sharing feature is available for Starter, Professional and Corporate plans, not for Individual plan.

  1. Run a query and return a set of data.
  2. Once you’ve returned a set of results, click Share Results button to open the guide.
  3. Enter a title, description, encryption, expiration duration and password.
  4. Click Create Link button to create your link.
  5. Click Copy & Close to copy the link (which you can then paste elsewhere) and close out of the dialog box.

Using this link, you (or anyone with access to the link) can navigate to the data set using an internet browser. If you chose to encrypt your data, the viewer will be prompted to provide the password before they’re shown the data.